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"As a business owner you have to keep stepping up and moving into your next level, a bit like a video game. It's how we grow our entrepreneurial confidence, our impact and our income. It's the natural flow of scaling a business"

Victoria J Watson, Success Coach

WELCOME, I’m Victoria, a Success Coach for creative women entrepreneurs. I help you to unlock your potential and create more impact by up-levelling your mindset and visibility.

I fuse mindset coaching/NLP with nuts and bolts strategy. This is all about setting you up for success from the inside, out, so your beliefs are aligned with your vision and you have a clear plan of action.

Some of the blocks you might be experiencing....

​Procrastination, self doubt, comparisonitis, fear, feeling disconnected from your purpose

Not being sure what your next steps are or how to get off the starting blocks

Wanting to increase your impact and visibility but not feeling confident enough to put yourself forwards for things like PR or media opportunities

Wherever you are right now, our first step is to examine what is holding you back.

What are the limiting beliefs playing out in the background?

What do you need to shed in order for you to step into your next level?

Using NLP we will RESET your belief system before looking at a personalised plan to support you to take action.

​I’ve been on your journey and know what it feels like to be stuck in procrastination mode, not showing up for myself and my business and questioning myself because of fear and lack of self belief.

To create a business you love that gives you freedom, joy and the income you crave, you need to believe it's possible as the starting point.

Through 1:1 coaching I help you to get reconnected to your purpose and start showing up as the amazing business owner you are so you can empower yourself and support your clients.

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"Victoria has been such a help in focusing and helping me to find my voice for my brand. Selling yourself can be difficult and feel like you are just lost amongst a sea of people who do the same thing as you do but she is great at pulling out what your key unique selling points are and how you might voice them in a fun natural way. Totally inspiring and I will book again soon to take it up a notch!" Dorothy, Chef and Recipe Developer


"I booked a session with Victoria to get more clarity and focus. She quickly helped me to see that even in a crowded industry I have a unique offering. She showed me how I can practically use my story, expertise and experiences in my content and gave me useful tips on how to bring more of “myself” into my messaging. I feel much more connected to my business and ready to tackle the actions she has given me." Kelly, Life Coach 

"Working with and talking to Victoria is great when you want to be more confident and have more clarity about how to brand your business. She helped to show me how you can stand out in your field, while still being yourself! Thanks Victoria! Keep rocking and helping business owners to be their best selves" Sasha, Online Health Coach

"I feel like I have direction for the first time in absolutely ages in my yoga business. I'm excited to share more of me and my passion for yoga and not be so worried that everything has to be perfect and to be just real. One of my highest values is honesty, so I just need to be me." Anna, Yoga Teacher

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From the 90 minute RESET intensive to my signature 90 day Strategy to Success coaching and online masterminds, discover how we can work together.





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