What is your secret weapon when it comes to growing your business? YOU

Your story, your unique vision, your experience and personality packaged together with a powerful visibility strategy and belief system that supports your goals = MAGIC!

​Do you look at other entrepreneurs rocking it with their latest podcast interview or sell out programme and wish that you were making that type of impact?

I work with women coaches, creatives and founders and the most common struggles I see are:-


Fear of being visible on a bigger scale and stepping into their next level

Not owning their expertise and seeing themselves as the face of their business


Not knowing how and where to share their story at a practical level, whether that's through their marketing, in the media or creating collaboration opportunities


The fear of visibility might stem from limiting or negative beliefs around money, success, self worth. Often when we are ready to up-level, our biggest fears and blocks come up and we resist the changes we might deep down be craving.


​Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone, into your expert status and be seen as the face of your business?


​Are you ready to share your message, increase your impact, income and support more people through your business?

​Are you ready to create those BIG visibility opportunities that will catapult your business forwards?

As a former PR Director I have the expertise and network to help you create a powerful visibility strategy that will grow your community and position you as an expert in your industry.


Strategy to Success is my signature 1:1 programme which combines media mentoring, mindset coaching and a "done for you" element to help you to create BIG results in 90 days.



I help you to up-level your mindset and visibility so you can take yourself and your business to the next level...

I’ve been on your journey and know what it feels like to be stuck in procrastination mode, not showing up for myself and my business and questioning myself because of fear and lack of self belief.

Despite having a successful career in marketing and PR, I struggled with my own limiting beliefs around what was possible for me. I hired my first coach in 2015 to help me with a major life change and I have continued to work on my own self development ever since. I always say to my clients that we have to commit to the inner work in order to see our reality change. A plan or strategy doesn't work if you don't believe in yourself.

What do you need to shed in order for you to step into your next level?


To create a business you love that gives you freedom, joy and the income you crave, you need to believe it's possible as the starting point.

Using NLP tools we will RESET your belief system before co-creating a visibility strategy which will help you to reach your business goals.


I help you to get reconnected to your purpose and start showing up as the amazing business owner you are so you can empower yourself and support your clients.


To help you make the impact and income you deserve

To help you to create a sustainable business

To develop your self belief and confidence

To help you tap into your inner magic and what is possible for you


"I started my wellness business a year ago and despite making progress I knew that I had some internal barriers holding me back especially when it came to visible and promoting myself online. Working with Victoria has been a game changer and her coaching has really supported me to help me get out of my own way. I highly recommend working with her. I finally feel like I have the clarity and confidence to move forwards.""

Fiona, Wellness Entrepreneur



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