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How I work 

I typically work with female coaches, creatives, wellness and lifestyle experts with a focus on personal brand building. That strategy is aimed at putting you in front of your ideal client or customer wherever they are consuming media. That might be magazines, podcasts, or events. It's a 360 approach designed to help you become seen as a “go to expert” in your field.


When we work together I come on board as your publicist, creating and implementing a PR strategy for you and managing media enquiries. We always define a specific goal/goals for PR activity. Many clients come to me because they are looking to secure a publishing deal and they need to increase their media presence so they can do that. Some have just launched their business and need PR to drive new client bookings. These are just examples and we discuss why you want to invest in PR on our introduction call.

One of the key things I do as part of the PR service is reactive pitching. For example, if a writer is looking for expert comment or content, I would put you forward for the opportunity if it is relevant. That could be in response to a breaking news story or if they are working on a particular feature at the moment. 


When I start working with a new client we have a 1:1 strategy session where we finalise all the PR essentials including 

- Messaging, positioning and your story - how do you want to be seen? 

- Your signature topics - i.e. the angles we would pitch to the media to showcase your philosophy and what you can provide expert comment on. These are also the topics I would send if we were pitching you for a guest expert collaboration or podcast interview 

- Your media kit - finalising the assets for this which includes headshots and other images you would like me to use 

- Your target media list - tier 1 and 2 - print/online/podcasts/events/collaborations

This is a really invaluable session for both us in getting the PR ball rolling. Once we have done this, I’m in a position to get started. From that point I roll out the PR plan and actively start pitching to the publications on your media list.

Interested to find out more? Book a call with me here 

My Approach
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