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STRATEGY TO SUCCESS is a 3 month bespoke one on one coaching programme for service based female entrepreneurs ready to move into their next level of success.


This programme fuses business, marketing and visibility strategy with mindset coaching. When we work together you get both strategic support as well as accountability and help to move past any blocks which might be holding you back .

Does this sound like you right now?

  • You often find yourself in stop/start mode because you're not sure what to do next in your business. Consistency feels hard and you often slip into that feeling of overwhelm or procrastination.

  • You are passionate about what you do and helping people but you need a plan, support and accountability to get you there

  • Visibility feels overwhelming and you want to find what works for you so marketing doesn't feel such a struggle

  • You know you want to reach your next level in your business and income and you're ready to do the work to get there - now is your time

  • You're ready to get out of your comfort zone - you have a message to share, whether that's in your content, the press or through your own events 


I know how you feel and have been there in my own business! Despite having a successful career in marketing I have struggled with my own limiting beliefs around what is possible for me. I continue to work on my mindset daily 

In the 3 month programme you will transform your mindset, your confidence and your business. I teach you the secrets of building a strategy that helps you to move into your next level of success. From finely tuning your marketing and making sure you are getting in front of your target audience every day to getting you featured in the media, creating your own sell out events and getting booked as a guest speaker. The sky is the limit!

You will learn how to 

- Develop a visibility mindset which supports you so you can step up as the leader of your business 

- Create a visibility strategy that helps you to become known as the go to person in your industry

- Grow an audience of people who want to be in your world and work with you 
- Attract bigger visibility opportunities like being featured in the media, getting booked for podcast interviews and speaking on stages worldwide

There will be a combination of weekly calls and practical action. You will get results before the programme ends because you will be putting everything into practice as we go along as well as getting support and accountability from me. You will end the programme ready and able to move ahead with confidence. You will have a toolkit of skills, knowledge and insider tips to help you get from A-B much more quickly than trying to piece it all together yourself. 















How I will support you during our time together 

  • I'll show you how to use your expertise and experience more effectively in your messaging and marketing. 

  • I'll help you to create a clear and focused marketing strategy which is aligned with you business goals.

  • I'll help you to reach your bigger visibility goals - that might be getting press features, securing guest speaking opportunities, podcast interviews or creating your own events.

  • I'll help you to show up consistently and confidently as the face of your business and support you in moving past your visibility blocks.

  • I'll help you to develop your personal brand in a way which feels good and which supports your business goals.

  • I'll show you how to organise and plan your marketing including where to focus your energy and effort to achieve the best results.

MAKE MORE IMPACT is a 3 month journey that is completely tailored to you and your business.

What is Included 

  • 1 x 90 minute kick-off session when we begin so we can dive straight in your business

  • 2 x 60 minute 1-on-1 coaching calls a month with two weeks off every month so you have time and space to implement everything we are covering in our calls. There will also be daily mindset work to support you.

  • Unlimited access to me between sessions via email/WhatsApp I will be on hand to answer questions and review what you are working on including marketing/content/social media copy. This ensures you achieve momentum during the program and are taking consistent action. Think of me as part of your team and support network 

  • Workbooks and resources from my own toolkit 

  • In person or online1/2 day VIP strategy morning 

If you're ready to explore growing your impact, audience and income then the next step is to book a complimentary strategy call. We will chat through your current situation and goals and see if the programme is a good fit for you right now. 


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"I started my wellness business a year ago and despite making progress I knew that I had some internal barriers holding me back especially when it came to visible and promoting myself online. Working with Victoria has been a game changer and her coaching has really supported me to help me get out of my own way. I highly recommend her RESET Intensive and I finally feel like I have the clarity and confidence to move forwards." Fiona, Wellness Expert for Women

"Victoria has been such a help in focusing and helping me to find my voice for my brand and business. Selling yourself can be difficult and feel like you are just lost amongst a sea of people who do the same thing as you do but she is great at pulling out what your key unique selling points are and how you might voice them in a fun natural way. Dorothy, Chef and Recipe Developer


I joined Victoria's programme to get more clarity and focus. She quickly helped me to see that even in a crowded industry I have a unique offering. She showed me how I can practically use my story, expertise and experiences in my content and gave me useful tips on how to bring more of “myself” into my messaging. I feel much more connected to my business and ready to tackle the actions she has given me." Kelly, Life Coach 

"Working with Victoria is great when you want to be more confident and have more clarity about how to brand your business. She helped to show me how you can stand out in your field, while still being yourself! Thanks Victoria! Keep rocking and helping business owners to be their best selves" Sasha, Online Health Coach

"I feel like I have direction for the first time in absolutely ages in my yoga business. I'm excited to share more of me and my passion for yoga and not be so worried that everything has to be perfect and to be just real. One of my highest values is honesty, so I just need to be me." Anna, Yoga Teacher

By the end of the programme you will have...

  • Increased confidence in yourself  as a business owner. Even after our first session you will feel more energised and ready to move past those visibility blocks. No more hiding behind your laptop, it's time to step into your power 

  • More flow and alignment in your business - you'll discover how to market yourself in a way which both feels good and gets results - no more overwhelm and procrastination!

  • The tools and knowledge you need to put yourself for those BIG opportunities like being featured in the media and speaking at events

  • A bespoke visibility plan tailored to support your current business goals

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