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Is your belief system set to success mode?

The RESET Intensive is a powerful 90 minute session designed to set you up for success from the inside, out. How would it feel to finally step into your next level, releasing what isn't serving you and stopping you from becoming the woman and the business owner you want to be?

We get so used to the underlying beliefs/emotions that we have collected over the years that we often don't realise how they are really affecting our progress. This is why we self sabotage. We literally stop ourselves from moving to the next level because we haven't cleared the negative self talk and beliefs.

This session is for you if

-  You feel stuck right now and not sure what your next move is

- You want to RESET your belief system and shift those fears and doubts around what is possible for you 

- You are tired of feeling like other people are achieving the things you want to

- You are ready for more alignment and joy in your life and business 

- You are ready for a BIG shift and to take action

- You want to step up and into your next level with confidence 

It's time for a RESET. The RESET INTENSIVE uses a transformational timeline based therapy called MER (Mental and Emotional Release®) which we use to identify and clear the limiting beliefs which might be holding you backThink of this session as an emotional detox. From this point it becomes easier to IGNITE your potential, move forwards and achieve your goals.

You create a clean slate on which you can build new foundations, beliefs and thoughts which support you rather than holding you back.















So what do limiting beliefs look like?

Some of the most common limiting beliefs which I come across with my clients and which may resonate with you..

  • I'll have to sacrifice my personal life if I am successful in my business

  • Being visible is not safe

  • I don't deserve to make more money in my business

  • Others can do it better than me

  • I'm not worthy 

  • Is this really what I want? ...

  • I don't deserve to be successful. ...

  • Nobody cares about what I have to say.

Tell me more.. 

We begin the session looking where you are at right now and identifying what might be holding you back. For example you might have a financial goal for your business but have limiting beliefs around money, income and what is possible. We uncover these beliefs and what success might look like for you so you have a clear vision in place. 

Then we use MER a clinically researched therapy that is known for its fast method but long-term benefits to clear those beliefs. MER applies a therapeutic process to the internal memory storage system. During the session we tap into your ‘timeline’ (how we unconsciously store our memories) and once we know what beliefs we are working with we can clear them by connecting you to the time that this belief was formed.


It can work in minutes, as opposed to alternative therapies which may take days, or even years. This creates quick but long-lasting change on a subconscious level that will alter negative behaviours and thoughts that have been ingrained into your brain as the result of a previous negative experience.

What results can I expect?

After the session you will feel lighter, calmer and more relaxed. It will feel easier to make decisions and take those next steps which you might have been resisting or procrastinating on.

What my clients are saying about the session...

"I started my wellness business a year ago and despite making progress I knew that I had some internal barriers holding me back especially when it came to visible and promoting myself online. Working with Victoria has been a game changer and her coaching has really supported me to help me get out of my own way. I highly recommend her RESET Intensive and I finally feel like I have the clarity and confidence to move forwards." Fiona, Wellness Expert for Women

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