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What I learnt from working in PR for over a decade

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

I've been in the PR world for over a decade and worked with  a whole host of clients, from luxury hotels to start up food brands and even a celebrity chef (one of the most fun experiences I had which included a trip of a lifetime to Malaysia). I LOVED the variety of working with different brands and sharing their stories. There was nothing I found more satisfying than seeing them featured in titles like Red, Women's Health and Psychologies. The process which leads up to finally seeing a feature published can be long and often frustrating with lots of back and forth but the end result is always worth it. What was even better was seeing the difference it made made to their business, sales and brand awareness. A feature I secured for a client in Psychologies magazine led to a sold out retreat and lots more bookings for her following retreat dates. That is the magic of being visible.  Now I help my one on one coaching clients to achieve this type of success themselves by sharing the tips, tools and knowledge I have used over the past 10 years. If you take only one thing away from his email I want you to know that it is perfectly possible for you to get started using PR in your business and to build your brand in the media.

All you need is a little support, time and focus.

5 things which may surprise you! 

- You are the best person to talk about your business. No one has the same level of passion or knowledge about your business as you do. You just need to know how and where to share your story. - You DON'T need a huge budget to get started on this journey and you DON'T need to outsource PR and media activity if you have the time to invest in it yourself. Often people think that PR is an expensive marketing activity but if you start small and focus on creating the foundations yourself i.e. building relationships with journalists in your industry and getting used to pitching yourself regularly, the only cost is your time and energy. Think of it as a long term investment in yourself and your business.  - There is a BIG appetite at the moment for entrepreneurial stories. There are lots of new business titles cropping up as well as features which focus purely on women in business. Journalists and writers are looking for fresh perspectives, angles and news from women like you. Don't be afraid to step up and share your story. - PR is just a small part of building your personal brand in the media and there are LOTS of other opportunities available to you. This might be getting interviewed for a podcast or sharing your story as a speaker at an event or workshop. These things all will all help you in taking your visibility to the next level and getting you in front of MORE people.  - When pitching yourself becomes "the norm" you will start to notice a change in your mindset and confidence and this will flow into other parts of your business. The more comfortable you get sharing your expertise, the more confident you will feel and being visible will no longer feel so hard. - Being featured in the media will boost your credibility and new opportunities will roll in. That might be new clients, new connections or potential new collaborations. The sky is the limit!

I’m excited to be running a 3 hour online interactive media workshop on November 18th for for women in business, founders and entrepreneurs.

This workshop is for you if 

- You want to learn how to manage your own PR outreach and have your own toolkit which you can use as your business grows

- You want to build your personal brand and make more impact

- You want to rely less on paid forms of marketing and grow your business organically using your best marketing asset - YOU!

You will learn how to:-

- Get into a publicity mindset so you’re consciously thinking about new ways to promote yourself and your business ⁣⁣

- How to nail your story and pitch it in a way which gets attention⁣⁣

- How to connect with journalists and the secret to building long lasting relationships⁣⁣

- How to create your media kit so you’re ready for press opportunities ⁣⁣

Grab your ticket here

PS if you can't make the live call you will be sent a recording so you don't miss out!

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