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Well Done You Made It!

How was your first week of January? We are not walking into a perfect new year and I know you are juggling all sorts of things right now, especially if you are trying to run a business and manage child care and home schooling. Phew! Wherever you are at, remember you are amazing and you got this. Despite all the moving parts also remember that you don't need to put your dreams on hold. I want to help you to keep going, showing up and creating momentum. I am focusing on these things myself and the more I help you the more I empower myself to do the same. I know when you are feeling pulled in a million different directions and feeling a little overwhelmed it can feel tricky but remember to stay in your own lane and do it at your pace. Whatever your focus is this year, your MINDSET is going to be your best friend and play a big role in your success. Yesterday I wrote about the concept of nourishing your mind the way you nourish your body. January is a time when we often set health goals around fitness and wellbeing not really thinking about the mindset habits we need to create to support those goals, even though the two are undoubtably linked. So how can you support and nourish your mind right now?

Think about what you want to create and then focus on aligning yourself to that practically and energetically. Energetically for me means doing what I can to stay grounded in my body. Activities like yoga, breathwork and a simple walk in nature will help you. I feel like everything flows better when I am grounded. If my head is spinning and I feel anxious, it's difficult for me to create anything and show up as my best self.

Figure out what works for you and create your own daily ritual. What do you need to do each day to support your mindset? Each day is different but this is about working out your non negotiable practice that will support you on both the good days when motivation comes easily and also on the days you don’t feel like showing up. The more you ingrain this practice into your life the more supported you will feel and connected to yourself. Even when you hit roadblocks, just knowing you have a solid daily practice you can turn to will help your energy and mood. Your daily practice this month might include Shaking up your morning routine to align with the winter season. What do you need more of right now and what feels good. I am called to have super quiet mornings right now so I can sit with my thoughts more. Often I want to play music as soon as I wake up but at the moment it feels like I just need that calmness. Consuming more positive media - I’m loving listening to a daily podcast right now and find it's a great mood and energy booster. There is so much negative news that it can be easy to lose ourselves in everything that is going on and that really affects our mindset. Focusing on positive self talk, creating your own affirmations and learning how to catch yourself when any negative thoughts pop up. This is a great part of your daily practice! Not being “switched on” all the time and creating down time in your day to just sit with your thoughts I hope these tips support you! Victoria x

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