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My Top 10 Principles for Creating and Sharing Great Content

Content is at the heart of your business and your brand and creating a strategy which support your business goals is essential.

It is the easiest way to showcase your expertise, help your ideal clients and grow your audience.

Creating content which ENGAGES, EDUCATES AND ENCOURAGES the reader to take action helps you to build the "know, like and trust" connection with them and invite them into your world.

I created these principles as part of my Content is Queen workbook which you can download here along with the rest of my BRAND YOU toolkit for health and wellness entrepreneurs.

1) Don’t try and emulate other people. It’s important that you naturally allow your unique voice to shine through. Think about your language and your tone and does it match your brand vision and message?

2) Great content helps people. Let your philosophy, passion and love for what you do come out in your content and people will be drawn to you. This is especially true if you are helping them on their wellness journey.

3) Follow the Engage, Educate, Encourage rule above. I find this useful to check in with when I am brainstorming new content

4) Before you start writing have a specific goal in mind to save time. Think specifically about why you are creating that piece of content, who is it for and what do you want to achieve from creating it.

5) Save time by repurposing your content. For every “chunkier” piece you should be able to get 4/5 pieces of shorter content out of it. For example, a blog feature on one topic can be turned into 4 or 5 pieces of shorter content. This might include an Instagram Live, Facebook post, email to your list.

6) Do you research and pick platforms where you know your ideal client hangs out and use no more than 2/3 social media channels. My favourites are Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

7) Be consistent and create a posting strategy which is manageable. This is important so you avoid slipping into overwhelm.

8) Don’t be afraid of video content – it’s not as scary as it seems and really helps people to see your personality and build a connection with you.

9) Invite people to work with you. After someone has read or listened to a piece of your content, you want them to take the next step. That might be signing up to your mailing list, booking a discovery call with you or if they are already in your community, purchasing one of your services. Always be aware of your customer journey.

10) Listen to feedback from your audience. Are they loving the content you are creating and is it serving them? Feedback will help you to stay on track and know what to focus on

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