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How to adapt your offline health and wellness business right now

Wherever you are in your business right now you have most likely had to re-evaluate and re-visit what you had on your business plan for 2020 and think about how you are going to move ahead in the coming weeks or months. 

The global health crisis is affecting everyone from the big brands to the smaller businesses and solopreneurs. We are all being called to adapt and to think outside the box. 

If you’re a health and wellness professional, there has never been a greater need for your services. Whether that’s helping people to manage anxiety and overwhelm, create an at home fitness routine or just to eat better in these stressful times - your expertise is needed!

One question which I am hearing from clients at the moment is "How do I adapt my offline business and focus on being able to build a thriving client base online?" I am seeing a lot of fear around selling and being visible at the moment because the online world has become even noisier. This does however in itself present an opportunity to really hone into what makes you different and stand out from other people in your industry and to focus on your own personal values and vision. Your personal brand is what will support your business the most at the minute so take some time to look at yours and make sure you are really allowing those points of differentiation to shine through and your messaging is on point.

The key thing to remember that it doesn’t matter whether you run an offline or online business there is opportunity there for you still thrive and grow your business right now - you need to be creative, visible and most importantly really tune into what your audience needs from you. There is no doubt that this will be changing right now as people are being forced to look at their wants, needs and priorities. Listening and taking action is key.

If you run an offline business like a wellness retreat, fitness studio or another service or experience now is the time to focus your marketing efforts online. 

Some things you can do…

  • Offer free or paid for classes online via Zoom, Instagram or Facebook. Your customers and clients are at home and they still want and need to keep up their health and fitness practice now more than ever so create an online schedule of classes they can sign up for. If you’re a freelance instructor now is a great time to create your own content and videos if you don’t do that already. 

  • Bring your retreat experience to life online by sharing content which gives people a taster of what you do - that could be through visual content, videos. Perhaps you can do expert interviews, share recipes, tips and tools from the workshops that you offer on your retreat. Use this time to nurture your audience and showcase what you do and the benefits of booking a retreat. By keeping your content strategy strong and supporting people you will keep your brand at the forefront of their mind.

  • Create some free downloadable resources which people can get from your website - it could be guides or workbooks - think value value value

  • Collaborate with other wellness experts. It could be via podcast interview or offering some expert content for their platforms. Now is the time to turn to your community and see where you can bring value and share your gifts. 

  • Pitch yourself to a media outlet - if you think that PR is a waste of time at the moment, think again. If you haven’t done any PR before, pick 1 or 2 online publications where you think there might be an opportunity to offer expert content or to pitch yourself for a specific feature. Now is a great time to start building relationships with journalists and to help them with their feature planning 

If you’re looking for support in your business right now as usual I offer complimentary quick fire strategy sessions which will help you to get refocused right now and work out your next steps.

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