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How are you setting yourself up for success this season?

How has your September been so far? I have been focusing on getting grounded and ready for the season ahead. For me that means connecting to my priorities and goals and then looking at how I can set myself up for success. What do I mean by that? Well it means checking in and making sure I am physically and mentally giving myself what I need and keeping my "tank full". For me that starts with self care. Am I looking after myself, supporting my body and mind and giving myself what I need to "run well" a bit like a car.  One of the hardest things I have experienced since I started out in business is working on my mindset. I can honestly say that if one thing has let me down the most in the past few years it has been not spending enough time working on my inner dialogue and beliefs. We can say we want to achieve all sorts of things but if we don't believe we can or we can't consistently show up for ourselves and our business, there can be a disconnect.   Is this something you have experienced? I would love to know.  So this has led me to something really exciting! I have been thinking for a while about how I can develop my business and support you more. The joy I get from my work lies in building confidence, motivation and self belief and from next month I will be beginning my journey towards becoming a qualified NLP practitioner. I will be learning a whole set of new tools which will help me to work with you in a deeper and more transformational way. As I believe everything starts with mindset, NLP will help us to uncover what might be holding you back and I will be able to help you move past your blocks. I will be sharing more of my NLP journey with you soon, so watch this space. I am also going to be hosting my first INSPIRE day retreat here in Malaga on October 22nd. The day will include a mix of business and wellbeing workshops as well as space to relax and meet likeminded women. This is a BIG deal for me as at the beginning of the year my plan was to focus more on in person events and retreats and obviously that has been nearly impossible this year. So when I came back to Malaga after the summer I was determined to get this off the ground again. If you would like more information on the day click here Also this month SPARK SESSIONS are back! I will be running these one on one online sessions throughout the autumn and they are the perfect answer if you are feeling stuck in your business right now and need some immediate support. I have had fantastic results with these sessions where you get 90 minutes of laser focused coaching. One client came to me last week because she was feeling massively disconnected from her business after the summer and wasn't sure what her vision was for the next few months.  Together we worked on  - Her autumn marketing plan and messaging  - Her next group coaching programme including the name and content  - Created a Facebook challenge which she is going to launch in the next few weeks These are just examples of what we can work on.  If you want to put some fresh energy into your business and work through any new ideas then why not book in for a SPARK SESSION.  You can access my online calendar here 

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