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Health and Wellness 2020 - Using the latest trends to supercharge your marketing.

This is the time of year when we start to see annual trend reports being published giving us a rundown of what the experts predict will be the most popular trends and developments in the health and wellness industry over the next 12 months.

Often these are trends which are growing year on year like the rise of wellness retreats which according to Google Trends are seeing a 182% in online searches. A sure sign that the demand from consumers for wellbeing travel experiences is set to stay. If you're running this type of business then it's time to amp up your marketing and take advantage of this market trend.

Some interesting statistics about wellness trends and Google search

CBD Skincare: 367% increase in searches.

Sound Bath Healing: 285% increase in searches.

Virtual Wellness: 242% increase in searches.

Breathing Apps: 219% increase in searches

Wellness Retreats: 182% increase in searches.

I often speak about the importance of keeping up to date with industry news whether that's reading publications or blogs and listening to podcasts. This is my number 1 tip when it comes to getting into a "publicity mindset" and understanding both what is happening in your industry and what your ideal client is looking for. With this knowledge we can get more focused in our marketing efforts and also look at our positioning and how we can differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

So how can you use the latest trend predictions for 2020 to boost your health or wellbeing business?

Firstly is there a trend which is directly linked to your particular niche? This automatically gives you an opportunity to position your business and yourself as a leading expert.

One of the trends I have noticed with interest is the rise of consumers adopting a plant based diet. If you're a nutritionist, healthy chef or recipe developer how can you use this to tailor your marketing and position yourself as a leading expert. Is your philosophy aligned with this trend? Can you services support people who are looking to change their eating habits to support their own health and wellbeing?

Things you can do

- Look at how you can incorporate the trend news into your own content. That might be a blog post, newsletter, social media series. Share your thoughts and expertise with your audience.

- Introduce yourself to key journalists and writers at the publications you want to be featured in. This is a key time to position yourself as a leading expert and to offer content, tips and to help them with their feature planning for 2020. Get on their radar now and start building those relationships so when they are looking for an expert like you they know exactly who to contact and connect with.

- It is also a great time to approach your local press as well as the national dailies. Remember the monthly magazine titles work at least 2 months ahead of their publication date but you can still jump on January opportunities. There are always lots of wellbeing features and tips being published in the new year so it's a good time to maximise this opportunity and put yourself forward.

- Look at self publishing your own features. A great place to start is LinkedIn. You can also look at at a site like Medium where you can

- If you feel confident that you have a great feature to submit why not look at Huffington Post, Thrive Global or Mind Body Green who all accept guest posts from experts.

- Approach potential collaborators who might be interested in working with you. That might be a business which complements your own. Perhaps you can write some content for their blog about your business and offering relevant tips to support their readers.

As we approach the end of 2019 now is the time to start planning your content and your marketing.

Need support with this? You can book a SPARK session with me and we can spend a powerful 90 minutes together looking at how we can supercharge your marketing so you can grow your audience and get in front of you ideal clients.

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