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Are you resisting moving into your next level?

Today I am sharing something uncomfortable with you.

It took me a whole year to say YES to investing in myself and my business. The resistance to move into my next level was strong.

I spent that time doing the following


Not leaning into my true passion or leaning half way in then pulling myself back

Absorbing all the information and getting overwhelmed

Telling myself it wasn’t possible

Hoping that things would just fix themselves without me stepping out of my comfort zone and taking action

I had known for a while that I wanted to take my coaching business to the next level and dive into a new certification which would allow me to help my clients more, but I kept stopping myself.

After the summer I decided enough was enough. I got bored of my own bullshit and got clear on what I wanted my life and business to look like. I went deep into the discomfort to work out what had been holding me back.

In the process I realised this was exactly how I wanted to help my clients - to get out of their own way, clear their baggage and blocks and step into their power. The word which kept coming up was transformation. I wanted to go way beyond strategy and planning. I wanted to help women with all the “stuff” I was experiencing so they could also step into their next level. And so began my journey towards becoming an NLP Practitioner…

I learnt many lessons, the biggest one being if you don’t clear the emotional baggage that’s sitting there accumulating it can affect every area of your life, not just your business.

Through facing my own fears I have been led onto a whole new path and the amazing thing is that as I change and grow so to will you, the women in my community Boom!

So today I invite you to ask yourself what does your next level of success look like and what do you need to do to step into that next level?

How does this version of you show up?

What does she believe about herself?

What are her goals and dreams?

Remember staying where we are physically and emotionally feels comfortable like wearing a big safety blanket but unfortunately it’s not possible to up-level without change. Those changes need to come from the inside out...

Last week a client told me after our session that her astrology prediction for the next month was all about her stepping into her next level. We had spent the session working out what was holding her back from building her visibility and growing her yoga business. I love it when the stars align!

I’d love to know what your next level looks like?

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