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Are you holding yourself back from creating more success?

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

I often hear the phrase "mindset is everything" and even if this doesn't directly resonate with you, there is a nugget of truth in that statement. However you look at it, our thoughts and beliefs affect our life and our business. They affect how we show up, what we create and what we achieve. They determine what we think is possible for us and when we don't commit to cultivating a positive mindset we are essentially stopping ourselves from moving to the next level, whatever that might look like. Visibility is something which is directly linked with mindset and I see this time and time again with clients who feel like they are not capable or worthy of going after those opportunities they see other women in business going for. A big one is getting featured in the press and I see a lot of resistance around this from clients who don't think they have anything interesting to say or share so they simply shelve that big dream and focus on other things. Even though they know that working on their brand and building it in the press will support their business growth, they often can't move past that feeling of not being good enough. This is where mindset comes into play. Mindset is a daily practice and we have to keep working on it. For me it's about focusing on positive self talk, being kind to myself and acknowledging where I am at and also how far I have come. It's also about taking action and working towards my goals, even if on some days I feel like I am taking tiny steps. Finally it's about doing those things which push me out of my comfort zone. These three things together build confidence and with confidence comes growth.  It doesn't happen overnight but this is about consciously working on yourself and your self development so you can sustainably grow your business. If this resonates with you here are some tips you can use this week! 1) Whenever you feel disconnected from your business go back to your why and really focus on what you are trying to achieve in you business and who you are here to help.  2) Try to not focus on what other people are doing and stay in your own lane. All that matters right now is how YOU are showing up. You are only answerable to yourself and as long as you are doing your best then that's all that matters. 3) Remember what you have already achieved and acknowledge this! 4) Journal it out. Whether you write out positive statements to support you or you want to journal   on what is holding you back right now just get it out of your head and onto paper. This will help you to identify and process what is going on. 5) Plan out your visibility goals and the steps you need to make them happen. If that's committing to creating video content for your social media, think about how you are going to do that and what you need to do to set yourself up for success. By breaking the goal down it will make it feel less overwhelming. 6) Remember you can do it! Invest in a daily mindset practice and things will become easier. NEW STRATEGY SESSION DATES AVAILABLE FOR YOU!   I have just opened up some new spots for my summer coaching offer which is now available into July  90 MINUTES LASER FOCUSED COACHING - £99 If you haven't worked with me before, you will be amazed what can be achieved in such a short space of time. Often you just need an outside perspective to get the insights you need. Lightbulb moments are my favourite!  Some of the areas you might need support with right now....

- getting refocused and looking at what is next for you and your business

- creating a visibility and marketing plan for the next few months

- creating a summer content plan and seasonal ideas for your business - pitching yourself for summer press features

If this resonates with you then let's spend a powerful session together working on your business this month. Book your session here and I look forward to chatting with you soon

Victoria x

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