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A time for reflection and fresh starts

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

I hope you are having an amazing summer - it's certainly been a little different from usual hasn't it? Maybe you have had less opportunities to travel but you have been on staycation and had just as much fun at home or you have been spending time working on your business and the direction you want to take it in. I think one of the major things we have learnt this year is that as humans we are way more resilient than we realise and we are able to adapt when we need to. It's when we end up on a different path or in an unexpected situation that GROWTH happens. We have to be pushed out of our comfort zone to really see what we are capable of and to step into our power. I am feeling very grateful after a trip back to the UK to see friends and family after 8 months! It felt so good to be back on home soil and with this came a couple of weeks of proper disconnection and reflection. I'm not very good at standing still and this was a time of digging deep and really switching off. I had lots of time in nature, plenty of sleep and good food. My daily yoga practice got back to normal and I was able to really take stock of this year and where I want to be by the end of it. Now I am back in Malaga and getting ready for the next chapter! September is my favourite month of the year and I am super excited to be running my INSPIRE Mastermind again. We did the first one in July and it was off the chart. Great energy, ideas and inspiration came out of our weekly sessions and it was amazing to see the women in the group taking action and moving forwards with their business ideas. The other thing I love about the Mastermind is that in a world where it is a little more tricky to do things offline right now you can still create new connections and grow your community. It's time to get INSPIRED! So grab a cup of tea and think about these questions... - Where do you want to be in your business by the end of the year? - If you could achieve one big goal what would it be? - How do you want to feel and what energy do you want to be bringing to your business? Whatever your answers are I am ready to support you! So, what is the INSPIRE Mastermind? It's a high energy, fun and interactive mentoring group. You will get to connect with a small but powerful group of likeminded women who are in the early stages of their business journey. This is a safe space for you to get support, feedback and inspire each other. Together we will problem solve, take action and move your business forwards. Each week there will be a live 60-minute group call and you have access to our private Facebook group, so you can pop in and ask anything you need to between sessions. During the 4-week mastermind you will - dig deeper into your seasonal goals and your why - focus and connection! - get feedback on your business and ideas from an inspiring and experienced group of business owners - get accountability from the group - have live hot seat mentoring from me - end the month feeling confident and focused about your next steps - get access to relevant resources and workbooks during the 4 weeks to support you. - Have lots of lightbulb moments! WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT IT Joining Victoria's mastermind in July really helped me stay focused on my goals for the month. In the past July would have passed me by without getting any focused work done. I loved being part of this mastermind and connecting with other business owners. I learnt a lot from the challenges coming up for the other members. It was great to share our struggles and get the support from the group to overcome these. The mastermind was fantastic for accountability, support and for my confidence to keep growing and learning in my business. Victoria is a great facilitator and prompted us with the right questions and suggestions on each call. I would highly recommend joining Victoria's next mastermind.

Alison,Nutritional Therapist

"I was excited to take part in Victoria's July Mastermind group and it did not disappoint. I started the month feeling quite directionless as to whether I needed a niche as a health coach and how to go about finding it and building my brand around it. From the first session, I got lots of invaluable support around this and other areas of my business from Victoria and the group of supporting like-minded ladies. Every session added value especially the powerful session on content planning for social media which gave me a lot of clarity in where to put my attention. I would highly recommend taking part in this supportive group."

Alpa, Health Coach "I joined Victoria's month long mastermind as it sounded like something I needed at the time. The women in the group were encouraging, supportive, inspirational and also offered some excellent ideas and feedback on different business challenges and struggles I was facing. With the built in accountability, I felt that I had to show up to the weekly meetings prepared and ready to go which was exactly what I needed during the month of July. Victoria did a wonderful job facilitating the sessions and provided us with extra feedback and also did some hot seat coaching when necessary. I'm looking forward to joining more of her masterminds in the future!"

Kelly, Life Coach

You can find out more about the INSPIRE Mastermind here

Have a fabulous week! Victoria x

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