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3 Success Tips for Female Founders

Define your Personal Brand

Creating a personal brand which is authentic to you should be at the heart of your business, whatever industry you are in. Defining who you are and being able to articulate it wth confidence through your messaging and positioning will help to build trust among your peers and network as will as attract customers or clients. Building your personal brand takes time and a consistent, strategic approach. Once you have taken the initial steps to define yours, the rest will flow and it will feel more natural to be visible inside and outside of your business.

Create and value your network

This should be something you focus on day to day. Making connections and building your business network ensures you not only have people you can turn to for advice and support, but it is also a vital part of building your reputation and your personal brand. If you establish yourself in people’s minds as the sort of business owner they want to connect with, they will pass their recommendation far and wide and you never know what kind of opportunities this might attract. You can build your network in a number of ways – social media is great; business clubs and events are crucial and you can also offer your time to mentor other business owners or even meet them for a coffee to share your stories and experience.  

Outsource when you can

As a business owner, it is easy to get overwhelmed and caught up in the day to day running of your business and the sort of tasks which you really should be delegating. Be prepared to outsource early on and don’t try to do everything for yourself. Your focus should 100% be on creating and driving cash flow and that means you need to make sure the bulk of your time each week is focused on what brings in the money. Admin, social media and marketing are all areas where you can outsource tasks to an assistant whether they are on your doorstep or virtual.

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