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I meet a lot of women who have had successful careers but still don’t fully own their expertise and what they have achieved. I have been there so I am very familiar with these feelings. 

Despite carving out some amazing opportunities for myself in my career which included getting to travel worldwide, host press trips in amazing locations and pick up a couple of awards for marketing campaigns along the way, I still always felt like something didn't quite fit. I was lacking in professional confidence and had a lot of self doubt because I always felt like I could be doing better. Most of my university friends and peers were working for large PR agencies and I always opted for roles at smaller companies where I knew I would get more hands on experience.  Even though I had more responsibility earlier on, I often felt like I was missing out by not opting for the corporate route. When I look back now I feel very differently because I know that the choices I made were the right ones for me and my career.

From launching as a freelance consultant to becoming a mentor for women in business, it took me a good couple of years to take control of my own brand and visibility. I actually used to judge other business owners for being so "out there" with their glossy brand photoshoots and marketing. I knew I had to start applying the PR and marketing skills I had used in my career to my own business, which felt like a completely alien concept. Now I see the other side of the coin and although I still have my own struggles, I actually WANT to build my own visibility as well as help others to do the same.


In 2015 when I left my last role as Head of PR for a luxury hotel and spa , I worked with a life coach for the first time which was an absolute game changer for me. It was at this point that I realised how important it is to not to try and do everything alone. She helped navigate me through a serious of life changes and opened my eyes to the tools that were available to me. Those weekly calls were something I came to love and since then I have been committed to my own self development. She also became my client and we worked together on an amazing project in Ibiza which involved hosting UK press at a weekend retreat.

My passion for self development naturally began to overlap into my work and I have been fortunate enough to work with a number of wellness and lifestyle founders who have launched new concepts including wellness retreats, fitness festivals and their own coaching programmes. They have appeared in everywhere from Women's Health to Red, The Guardian and Get the Gloss. These women are my inspiration and it has been amazing to be able to make a difference to their business journey. 

In 2017 I re-launched my own brand and I now work as a coach and mentor. My vision is to help women who have launched a wellness or lifestyle business to truly leverage their expertise, grow their visibility and make the impact in the world they are craving.

Following a life long passion to live in Spain I am now based between the beautiful city of Malaga in Andalusia and the UK. Aside from online coaching, I also run my INSPIRE business retreats for women in Spain and the UK. 


My background in PR,marketing and communications for over a decade has given me a wealth of experience and insight in the travel, lifestyle and wellness sectors. I have been fortunate enough to work with both corporate and start up brands and I understand the inner workings of growing a business from scratch, especially in today's competitive climate. 


​Learning the skills you need so you can actively promote yourself and secure opportunities to build your profile as a business owner are crucial and this is something I am passionate about.​ If you want to work with a professional who can give you honest, expert advice for your business which helps drive engagement and build long term brand awareness, then we could be a great fit to work together.


I only had one session with Victoria but she has been such a help in focusing and helping me to find my voice for my brand. Selling yourself can be difficult and feel like you are just lost amongst a sea of people who do the same thing as you do but she is great at pulling out what your key unique selling points are and how you might voice them in a fun natural way. Totally inspiring and I will book again soon to take it up a notch! 

Dorothy Barrick, Holistic Chef

"I’m a life coach and I had been struggling to find my voice when it comes to how I position and market myself. I booked a session with Victoria to get more clarity and focus. She quickly helped me to see that even in a crowded industry I have a unique offering. She showed me how I can practically use my story, expertise and experiences in my content and gave me useful tips on how to bring more of “myself” into my messaging. I feel much more connected to my business and ready to tackle the actions she has given me."

Kathleen Taylor, Life Coach

"It's been fantastic working with Victoria. From day 1 she really understood what I and my business were all about. Running your own business can often mean you're time poor, so hiring Victoria was superb in terms of having an extra resource, but also an extra resource with the right niche skills and contacts to gain press coverage and momentum I would not have achieved on my own"

Ceri Jones, Natural Kitchen Adventures


"Victoria managed the PR for my new health and wellbeing company (SEAcotherapy). From the outset, she was proactive and professional in all communications, had great contacts and succeeded in securing features in The Independent, Metro and The Guardian (to name but a few!)...all within three months of hiring her!! Although she only worked with SEAcotherapy between 2-4 days per month (dependent upon need), she was always on the end of the phone and available when press requests came in. I would highly recommend Victoria's services in PR/Communications, she has been an invaluable asset to us in the launch of our new venture"

Dr Victoria Galbraith, SEAcotherapy Retreats

"We worked with Victoria for the launch of The Cereal Club and as well as managing our launch PR outreach, she also acted as a consultant for the business and was always available to offer advice and to give a second opinion when it came to our overall marketing strategy, which was fantastic for a start up business like us. As a result we achieved good local and national press coverage, including features in daily newspapers and weekly magazines."

Sam Leather, The Cereal Club

"Working with Victoria is like having an extension to my own team. I really feel she genuinely cares and "gets" what I do which is crucial when someone is speaking for you and promoting you. In the first couple of months she had secured coverage with Marie Claire, Women's Health and The Express. Victoria goes the extra mile and it certainly pays off."

Lydia Kimmerling, Life Coach and Speaker

"Victoria is an experienced and commercially astute PR & Marketing professional, she demonstrates great creative flair and is an outstanding copywriter. She led on, and was an integral resource in the successful repositioning of The Mere Golf Resort & Spa. On the quiet she also has a wicked sense of humour, a pleasure to recommend."

Gaynor Black, Commercial Consultant

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