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MAKE MORE IMPACT is an 8 week one on one programme for women building a lifestyle or wellness business. I walk you through my signature brand you journey designed to transform your mindset, your confidence and your business. I teach you the basics of modern brand building including how to get featured in the media, create your own sell out events and get booked as a guest speaker. 

You might be a life coach, nutritionist or other wellness/lifestyle expert looking to take your business to the next level, grow your client base and your audience.

Your passion is helping women to look and feel great and you're ready to increase your influence!


Your personal brand is your best asset. It's the one thing which truly differentiates you from everyone else. It's your secret weapon when it comes to marketing yourself, standing out in the crowd and cutting through the noise. 

Developing your personal brand means owning your expertise and learning how to share your story.

It's all about injecting more "you" into your marketing so you can build your visibility, grow your audience and attract new opportunities which move your business to the next level.


Why join the programme?


  • You're ready to step up and start powerfully promoting yourself, sharing your expertise and gain more visibility, but feel like you need mentoring and guidance to achieve those big results.

  • You want to rely less on paid forms of marketing and grow your business organically using your best marketing asset - YOU!

You will learn how to 

- Develop your visibility mindset so you feel confident pitching yourself for opportunities and stepping up as the leader of your business 

- Create a visibility strategy that helps you to become known as the go to person in your industry

- Grow an audience of people who want to be in your world and work with you 
- Attract bigger visibility opportunities like being featured in the media, getting booked for podcast interviews and speaking on stages worldwide

During the programme we work together via a combination of weekly calls where we cover the different modules, alongside a practical element so you can put what you are learning into practice with ease. You will end the programme ready and able to move ahead with confidence. You will have a toolkit of skills, knowledge and insider tips to help you get from A-B much more quickly than trying to piece it all together yourself. 
















The Modules 

Module 1 - Brand Discovery Week

We start the programme with a brand discovery exercise so you can achieve clarity around your  "who, what, why". We will dig deeper into your story, exploring your career in detail, your passions and goals so we can start to build a picture of who you are. You will uncover your USP's, gifts and we will also focus on your current struggles and what might be holding you back from stepping up and being seen. 

Module 2 -  Brand You 

Your personal brand is your most important asset and in this module we will look at how you can position yourself as an expert in your industry, build your visibility and start making more impact. You need to be seen both online and offline in order to grow awareness of who you are and what you do.

What we cover in the session 

  • What makes you an expert and how you can position yourself as a leader

  • Developing your messaging so you can supercharge your content creation and marketing

  • How to create your signature topics and themes

  • Developing seasonal stories which will help to build your personal brand

Module 3 - Creating your own Events, Workshops and Retreats 

Creating your own events will help to support you in nurturing your audience and also strengthening your brand. In this session we focus on how you can create and launch your own signature event, workshop or retreat. We will look at initial concepts, pricing and marketing.  

What we cover in the session

  • How to create your initial event concept  

  • Your target audience 

  • Pricing

  • Marketing

  • When and how to launch  

Module 4 - Your Media Kit

In this session you will learn how to create your own media kit which is an essential tool in building your personal brand. Your media kit is a PDF which you can send out to prospective collaborators, event organisers and journalists.

What we cover in the session 

  • How to write your media kit and the essential components that you need to include 

  • How to collate "hero images" which will truly represent you and your business

  • How to create a media page on your website so potential collaborators can find and work with you 

  • Using your media kit as part of your visibility strategy 

Module 5 - Sharing your Expertise

Telling your story in the media, whether that's through a magazine feature, via a podcast interview or guest speaking  at an event is one of the best ways to build your visibility and your brand. We need to be seen both online and offline in order to grow awareness of who we are and what we do.

What we cover in the session 

  • Pitching and relationship building building with journalists

  • Creating your signature topics, hooks and seasonal stories

  • How to find media and speaking  opportunities

  • How to pitch yourself as a guest speaker 

  • Your signature topics and how to showcase your expertise 

Module 6 -  The Visibility Planner 

In the final stage of the programme we  revisit what we have covered during the first 5 weeks of the programme and start mapping out your visibility plan for the next 90 days. We will take all the elements I'll give you key recommendations and strategic ideas for you to consider.


By the end of the programme you will have...

  • Increased confidence in yourself  as a business owner. Even after our first session you will feel more energised and ready to move past those visibility blocks. No more hiding behind your laptop, it's time to step into your power 

  • More flow and alignment in your business - you'll discover how to market yourself in a way which both feels good and gets results - no more overwhelm and procrastination!

  • The tools and knowledge you need to put yourself for those BIG opportunities like being featured in the media and speaking at events

  • A 90 day visibility plan tailored to support your current business goals

What does the programme include?

  • Pre call questionnaire which you complete before our first session

  • Weekly module sessions with downloadable workbooks for you to complete

  • 8 x 60 minute calls - these will be weekly 

  • WhatsApp or email support between sessions

  • Accountability throughout the programme to keep you on track

  • Bonus one on one call with me at the end of the programme

Further details 

  • The MAKE MORE IMPACT programme is £995 (split payments available) 

  • Payment details will be sent with your welcome email 

  • Sessions times are confirmed on booking

  • All sessions take place via Zoom


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