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How would it feel to own your expertise, speak about the topics

you are passionate about with confidence and finally be able to market yourself in a way which both feels good and moves your business to the next level? 

As a female solopreneur, owning our expertise and allowing ourselves to be "seen",  can feel like one of the most uncomfortable things we have to do.  We don't want to judged or for people to think we are too pushy, or "out there". I know because I have been in that exact situation in the early days of setting up my business. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Without visibility it’s very difficult to grow your business and make the impact you want to in the world but you don't need to follow the crowd..


You need to...

Get clear on what your business vision is ⁣

Uncover what visibility means to you and why you might be holding yourself back from showing up and being seen ⁣

Start tapping into your magic - what makes YOU unique,  why are people attracted to you and what you offer, what’s so interesting about YOUR story?⁣

Learn how to package it up and communicate it out and into the world ⁣as the confident woman you are


SPARK is a 6 week programme which will transform your mindset, your confidence and your business. I teach you the basics of modern brand building and you'll gain have the tools you need along with a bespoke visibility plan to get you started on your journey towards making more impact.You will be able to rinse and repeat what you have learnt during the programme so this is a real investment in your business and yourself.



What will I gain from the SPARK programme?

  • Increased confidence in yourself  as a business owner. Even after our first session you will feel more energised and ready to move past those visibility blocks. No more hiding behind your laptop, it's time to step into your power 

  • More flow and alignment in your business - you'll discover how to market yourself in a way which both feels good and gets results - no more overwhelm and procrastination!

  • You will have a clear visibility plan tailored exactly to support your current business goal

  • Support and accountability throughout the programme so you can stay on track 






The Modules 

Module 1 - Discover You

We start with a brand discovery exercise with the aim of achieving  clarity around your  "who, what, why"

We will dig deeper into your story, exploring your career in detail, your passions and goals so we can start to build a picture of who you are. You will uncover your USP's, gifts and we will also focus on your current struggles and what might be holding you back from stepping up and being seen. 

Module 2 - Your Brand  Foundations 

In this session we look at your brand assets and the foundations of your marketing. From your website to your brand photography, through to your current outreach strategy, we look at what is working and where you can make improvements.

What we cover in the session 

  • A website audit - I'll provide key feedback on improvements.

  • Your bio and story - is it showcasing you in the best light or does it need a re-write? I'll provide you with pointers for you to use if it needs to be developed further.

  • Your images - are the images you are using in your business "on brand"?

  • Your mailing list and newsletter strategy 

Module 3 - Content is Queen 

Content is an integral part of a modern marketing strategy and essential when it comes to building your audience. In this session we focus on the building blocks of content creation and how we can bring more "you" into your copy, blog posts, social media posts and more. 

What we cover in the session

  • Your unique themes and content pillars 

  • The best types of content for your business - written, video, Facebook lives and Instagram stories

  • Where to distribute and publish your content - your blog, guest posting, features

  • Creating a content plan

  • Weekly focus and productivity


Module 4 - Linkedin Love

In this session we go look at how you can use Linkedin to build your personal brand, make new connections and attract opportunities to grow your businesss. 

What we cover in the session 

  • How to optimise your Linkedin profile

  • Creating an attraction strategy to get more "eyeballs on your page"

  • Using Linkedin to create partnership and collaboration opportunities 

Module 5 -  Sharing your Expertise 

Telling your story in the media, whether that's through a magazine feature, via a podcast interview or guest speaking  at an event is one of the best ways to build your visibility and your brand. We need to be seen both online and offline in order to grow awareness of who we are and what we do.

What we cover in the session 

  • Pitching and relationship building building with journalists

  • Creating your signature topics, hooks and seasonal stories

  • How to find media and speaking  opportunities

  • Creating a guest blog posting strategy


Module 6 -  The Visibility Planner 

In the final stage of the programme we  revisit what we have covered during the programme and start mapping out your visibility plan for the next 3 months. I'll give you key recommendations and strategic ideas for you to consider.

What does the programme include?

  • Pre call questionnaire which you complete before our first session

  • Weekly module sessions with downloadable workbooks for you to complete

  • 6 x 60 minute group calls - these will be weekly 

  • Private WhatsApp support group just for this programme which you can use to ask questions and get feedback

  • Accountability throughout the programme to keep you on track

Further details 

  • The SPARK programme is £475 and the total is payable before we begin our first session

  • Payment details will be sent with your welcome email 

  • Sessions are carried out weekly

  • All sessions take place via Zoom



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