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About Me

I’m Victoria, a publicist & agent based between London and Malaga, Spain. I represent a number of female founders and experts in the UK, U.S and Europe who are making waves in the wellness, lifestyle and design industries. I have been a media and visibility specialist for well over a decade, helping my clients to make more impact and develop their business and brand through a 360 approach to promotion and personal brand elevation. 

My PR clients regularly appear in leading publications like The Evening Standard, The Telegraph, Women's Health, Well + Good, Red, The Times and Psychologies and are booked to speak on stages worldwide alongside media appearances. 

After working in luxury travel, design and hospitality for a number of brands and agencies as a PR Director, I set up my own PR consultancy in London in 2015, just as the wellness boom was starting in the UK. I was able to support a number of emerging female founders in the industry which then ignited my own passion for self development.

One of the key things I have learnt over my years in business and working with clients is how much impact our mindset has on our success. It’s something I work on daily and regularly contribute to articles in publications like Breathe, Soul and Spirit and Planet Mindful.


I was inspired in 2020 to undertake my NLP Practitioner training. This has helped me to further my knowledge and understanding of mindset and psychology so that I can support my coaching clients and also PR clients who are operating in the wellness sector.

If you are interested in hiring me as your publicist please email me at or you can book a call with me here

If you are a member of the media or an event professional and would like to receive my current client list and speaker fees please email the address above.

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